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Thanks for deleting the other article. What about other articles below:

Also, I'm worried that other articles, like ones from March 2019, are very short in substance and may not have value in being kept unless otherwise. How acceptable can a short article be? --George Ho (토론) 2019년 9월 14일 (토) 16:36 (KST)

Thanks for deleting those articles by the blocked user. I was using the detector tool showing possibilities about Hellobharat's articles:

The detector is possibly confident about the first two; not so much about the third, but I detected similar measurement unit. --George Ho (토론) 2019년 10월 3일 (목) 12:21 (KST)

Two more questionable articles:

--George Ho (토론) 2019년 10월 3일 (목) 14:25 (KST)

Deleted all. The last one was mere list of fact thus not copyrighted under the Korean Copyright Law (Article 7, "mere news about the current situations" are not copyrighted) but it lacks the contents thus deleted an (near-)empty article. — Revi 2019년 10월 3일 (목) 16:17 (KST)

Another article: 강기영 (배우), copied from the Wikipedia article. --George Ho (토론) 2019년 10월 9일 (수) 12:35 (KST)

Several articles by Dreamtexter:

--George Ho (토론) 2019년 10월 9일 (수) 12:50 (KST)

One month passed. Before heading this (and addressing others) to Meta's SRM probably next week or two, I would like to know your response please. Thanks. --George Ho (토론) 2019년 11월 11일 (월) 03:08 (KST)

Sorry, I thought I deleted them all. I will do this tonight (busy ATM). — Revi 2019년 11월 15일 (금) 14:47 (KST)